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We help clients do things better.
We help clients to better things.

Two Lakes is a global advisory, trade, and investment firm that designs solutions and facilitates business for governments, companies, and NGOs.

Since 2018, we have delivered sustainable, realistic, and meaningful projects to dozens of partners in over twenty countries. From blockchain for farmers to AI for central banks, Two Lakes can build partnerships and design solutions to tackle any challenge.

We restructure and streamline operations

We discover and validate new opportunities

We identify
and investigate challenges

We design
and implement solutions


Two Lakes was founded by entrepreneurs who wanted to bring disruptive and innovative solutions to the developing world, as emerging economies can be perfect places for startups to stand out. Contact Matthew or Charles to learn how we spread innovation.


  • Nomino Data (India/USA)

  • (Global)

  • Flawless Photonics (EU/USA)


​The resource constraints of non-profit and public organisations make innovation and efficiency even more important. Two Lakes excels at delivering meaningful results with limited budgets and timelines. Talk to Simon to learn how we deliver more results with fewer resources.


  • Football Federation (Burundi)

  • Bamboo Burundi (Burundi)

  • Afghan Rescue (Afghanistan)


​Developing regions hold unique investment opportunities that are difficult to find and even more difficult to validate. We are not only able to source reliable leads, but also conduct in-country due diligence and research. Talk to Frank to learn how we help investors make informed decisions.


  • National Zoo (Eq. Guinea)

  • Student Housing (Nigeria)


​As consultants, Two Lakes seeks out opportunities to introduce innovative problem solving and startup methodologies to established companies, government agencies, and NGOs. Speak with Adam to learn how we can streamline your operations and increase productivity.


  • Central Bank (Burundi)

  • Changan Bus Co. (China/Africa)

  • Centred Wellness (Global)

Partner Profile -

Two Lakes works with Clarity, the world's leading air pollution technology company, to bring cutting-edge monitoring hardware and software to environmental agencies across Africa. In addition to research and advocacy, Two Lakes develops new use cases specifically for Africa. In 2022, Clarity and Two Lakes will launch a new NGO specifically to advance and support "clear-sky" initiatives across the continent. Clarity is based in San Francisco and active around the world.
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