Changan Bus Co.

China & Africa

As the first bus manufacturing firm established in the People's Republic of China, Changan has unparalleled experience producing vehicles suitable for rough terrain and insufficient infrastructure. However, their overseas sales have historically been poor due to strong competition and weak marketing materials.

Two Lakes worked with Baoding Changan Bus Company to improve and expand its business development in sub-Saharan Africa. First we shrank their product offering to those vehicles within the price range and durability of most buyers. Then we updated or created new marketing materials in English and French. Finally, our team helped African buyers in three countries apply for grant funding in order to purchase the vehicles outright.

Within Africa, Two Lakes also helped the buyers set up modern bus lines with designated pick-up and drop off locations. This work included route organisation, scheduling, and the creation of local maintenance shops and parts replacement supply chains. Overall, our solutions enabled both parties to achieve their goals on time and under budget.

Changan Bus Co.
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