Christmas Celebration

Meja Christmas Celebration

The rich tapestry of South Sudan's culture is woven with a vibrant history that spans millennia. Deeply rooted in the diverse ethnic groups that inhabit the region, South Sudanese culture showcases a captivating blend of traditions, customs, and artistic expressions. Local South Sudanese photographer Meja shares a plethora of photos ranging from cattle farming to Christmas celebrations.

Photo 1: Christmas March (Straight View)

Photo 2: Christmas March (Eagle Eye View)

Photo 3: Christmas March (Zoom Out View)

Photo 4: Fish Market Descaling 

Photo 5: Boat Docking (Eagle Eye View)

Photo 6: Boat Docking (Zoom In View)

Photo 7: Pride of Youth

Photo 8: Sunset Cattle

Photo 9: Tri-Color

Photo 10: 3 & 2

Photo 11: Gaze of Youth

Photo 12: Sibling Love

Photo 13: Orange

Photo 14: Cattle Trail

Photo 15: Cattle Camp

Photo 16: Cattle Herd

Photo 17: Cattle Swarm