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Good people doing good things

is our definition of good business.

We are always proud to work with principled and passionate partners who uphold our Code of Conduct and share our values and beliefs.

Business Philosophy

Belief #1
New ideas aren't
always good ideas.

Few problems are truly unique. And even fewer ideas are truly original. Before thinking "outside the box", we search for existing solutions that can be adapted locally. After all, clients bring us on to solve problems in the real world, and not just think of clever ideas.

Belief #2
Good ideas aren't
always good solutions.

Ideas only become solutions if they can be taken out of the boardroom and brought into the real world. As such, Two Lakes produces and updates an implementation roadmap for each project and client. Clear expectations and KPIs are how we stay on-budget and on-time.

Belief #3
Debate is necessary and unavoidable.

An idea with no potential pitfalls is always doomed to fail. Debate helps us identify what should be and then avoid getting stuck on what could be. We always value debate and firmly believe that true creativity can always survive the tension of multiple perspectives. 

Belief #4
You can't solve
problems from home.

International projects can quickly become messy and complex. So it's normal for setbacks to occur. That's why Two Lakes works "in-country" to smooth over hiccups and directly facilitate cooperation. We're the boots on the ground that keep everyone else happy and motivated.


Conducting business in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable manner is at the heart of the Two Lakes Group. We recognise that high standards of behaviour is necessary to maintain the respect and trust of our investors, employees, and partners. As such, we have set out our values and beliefs in the Two Lakes Code of Conduct, which is available to here.


The Two Lakes Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Policy reflects our commitment to uphold all applicable laws and requirements regarding ethical conduct when working with any partner, but especially public officials, government agencies, aid organisations, and NGOs.


As a business active in developing economies, Two Lakes acknowledges its responsibility to ensure respect for and compliance with human rights by all our partners for all our projects. The rights of women, children, and labourers are integral to our understanding of modern development theory and practice. 
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