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The foundation of our success lies in the diversity of our people.

Only by drawing from the diverse ideas and experiences of our people can Two Lakes add value and deliver results to ambitious clients operating in remote, undeveloped, and challenging environments.

Advisory and Project Team

Larry is an experienced investor who brings a wealth of due diligence, investment, and financing experience. Larry also serves as the CEO of GCI Capital.

Larry is based in Hangzhou, China.

Larry Liu 刘烨来


Adam manages daily operations on a global level for Two Lakes. His current focuses include commodity trading, strategy consulting, and project validation. 

Adam is based in Shanghai, China.

Adam Wang 王天翊


Landry leads Two Lakes' political advisory and consulting for NGOs, governments, and Africa-based firms. He is our primary political liaison and project lead in Africa.

Landry is based in Burundi.

Landry Nzokira


Frank oversees business development, project management, and due diligence for advisory engagements  that span Asia, Africa, or the EU. 

Frank is based in Toronto, Canada.

Frank Fu 富饶 


Simon leads project implementation and mgm't in remote, rural, and conflict regions. He specialises in solution design, media production, and branding. 

Simon is based in Toronto.

Simon Jackson


Charles is our primary technical lead in charge of IT consulting, ERP design, and implementation. He has worked extensively in Canada, France, Burundi, and the DRC.

Charles is based in Montreal.

Charles Albaut


Matthew is our technical lead for non-IT projects. He is particularly interested in Fintech, Industrial, and Mining for both solution design and implementation. 

Matthew is based in Los Angeles.

Matthew Heisie


Alao is our lead project director in Nigeria. He is passionate about social development and startups. Alao also serves as director of Reformers of Africa.

Alao is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ayomide Alao


Sophie is our project director for Kenya, Uganda, and S. Sudan. Although her background is in PE and banking, her current roles include political activism and trade.

Sophie is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sophie Nzibo


Namonje is our country director for Zambia. She specialises in media investment and development in Africa, but also supports Two Lakes' trade activities in the region.

Namonje is based in Zambia.

Namonje Chimwala


Nayoota is our political and NGO liaison in Ghana. She is passionate about ethical business and female entrepreneurship, especially within the retail and industrial sectors.

Nayoota is based in Accra, Ghana.

Nayoota Barima


Patricia is our country director for Angola. She specialises in investment management and financing, especially for industrial, farming, and tourism projects.

Patricia is based in Angola.

Patrícia Anastácio 


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