To Assist members in Overcoming Crisis, IMF Temporarily Raises Fund Restrictions

IMF Temporarily Raises Fund Restrictions

Doha: an agreement to expand their collaboration in the labor sector was signed by the governments of Qatar and Burundi.

The document was signed by Burundi's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, H. E. Albert Shingiro, and the country's Minister of Labor, H. E. Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri.


The agreement was signed within the scope of Qatar's plan for cooperation with other countries and international organizations in the labor sector, which aims to strengthen collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and successful global experiences.

The agreement states that collaboration is focused on a number of areas, including labor market organization, experience sharing, and measures to improve and create procedures for bringing Burundian workers to Qatar.

The agreement states that collaboration will be centered on regulating the hiring of Burundian workers for employment in Qatar, as well as efforts to streamline and facilitate recruiting processes between the two parties and take advantage of Burundi's abilities and specializations.