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We seek early-stage ventures with

uses cases in developing countries.

Two Lakes invests via the Huron Room and GCI Ventures. Besides technology companies, we also make impact investments into farms, small businesses, and NGOs.

Everyone must win

Like all companies, Two Lakes wants to make money for itself and its partners. However, this does not mean that we cannot do good. We're proud to only invest in projects that can deliver a positive impact alongside positive cashflows. 

Nobody should lose

While the benefits of disruptive tech are always "good on paper", they sometimes come with unintended  side effects for local people, businesses, and environments. Two Lakes only invests in projects that aim to protect local interests and livelihoods- especially among marginalised communities.

We can help

To ensure that Principles #1 and #2 are adhered to, Two Lakes prefers projects that can benefit from our experience and network. As investors, we look for likeminded innovators that share our vision of inclusive solution design and disruption. 

Investment Philosophy

Founder Profile - Kevin Lou of LOOP

Two Lakes recently invested in LOOP, a Shanghai-based coffee and retail store seeking to disrupt how urban professionals interact with and discover new brands. Founder Kevin LOU launched LOOP in 2020 after being frustrated with how much waste was being produced from fast fashion and casual consumerism. For him, a negative feedback loop existed wherein the lowered expectations of online shopping allowed vendors to push poor quality products that only further encouraged "throwaway" buying. As such, "LOOP" is a reminder that it's possible to do better and reset Shanghai's retail culture in support of cleaner and greener local businesses. 
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