The Two Lakes Group has opened a new office in Luanda, Angola and brought on Director Patrícia Anastácio to oversee projects and opportunities in-country. Located on the western coast of southern Africa, Angola boasts rich natural resources, including oil, gold, and diamonds, as well as rich agricultural land and virgin jungles.

In January 2021, Angola launched an ambitious set of economic and political reforms designed to tackle corruption, boost the private sector, and improve economic vitality, diversification, and inclusion. Many long-serving military and civilian officials have been replaced or retired, and the government has begun liberalising as well. President João Lourenço officially acknowledged and apologised for the May 1977 purge of the MPLA, and same-sex relationships were decriminalised in February.

According to Director Anastácio, “This is a period of great and profound change where we are seeing real action from every level of government, society, and business. It is clear that the drive behind these reforms is serious and meaningful, and that international investors are responding positively to this energy as well”.

The Angolan economy is expected to continue growing this year despite the global pandemic and aging infrastructure in the critical fuel and mining sectors. For Managing Director Landry Nzokira, “Angola has always been a major force in African business, so entering the country while it actively reforms the economy was an obvious decision for all of us”.

The Two Lakes Group has begun projects related to sewage management, port infrastructure, anti-drunk driving, and housing construction.

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